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From: Canopus Data Insights
Published: Tue Sep 05 2017

Canopus Data Insights has recently started helping Universities and Educational bodies with advanced algorithms of Data Science to predict maximum student retention.

The company built advanced statistical methods and performed in-depth analysis of the university data that successfully predicted high-risk students and identifies all these students throughout different points of a life cycle.

The Predictive Data Model was built by Canopus Data Insights that identifies all the applicants who can leave the university within the period of 6 months.

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The other Data Science model of the company gives the drop-out students by analyzing their engagement and academic performance throughout the year.

This student retention solution provided by Canopus Data Insights helped universities to save up to USD 18k in a year and gradually helped the university to build a strong and better reputation.

Thus, despite spending the resources, the university was provided a solution that gives the exact drop out rate of their students with minimum efforts and reduces the early and unpredictable student attrition.

About the Company:

Canopus Data Insights, an Indian Data Science company is one of the leading names in the providing accurate Data Science solutions and services. They aim to create strong and useful insights from both Big Data, Unstructured, Structured Data or Traditional Data.

The company is having a highly capable team of data scientists and is well versed in the statistics principles, R and Python programming. Along with it, the company is capable to analyze and solve the high-level Text Mining problems and expert in providing efficient solutions for Recommendation Systems.

It is well specialized in providing outsourced Data Science to clients worldwide.
To know more about their services and extensive work in Data Science, visit their website or call +91 731-2551963.
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