Jewelry Styles that Work Best This Season

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Published: Wed Sep 06 2017

Jewelry is synonymous to every girl in the world. It is one of the favorite accessories. Even the most spartan women have her own choice when it comes to jewelry she chooses to wear. It instantly adds up the charm to any outfit complementing your personality. But is there any better way to look trendy with fashion accessories for men and women this upcoming season? Well, yes there is an amazing way to look pretty with Jewelry and more that will place you right on top of that list of the chic and stylish.

We attempt to keep you fashionable, we do recommend that by the end of the day each of us carries our own personal sense of style.Though the choice is yours to make your own identity, the prerogative to promise you our undying support with your style quotient is Jewelry and More. So give an eye for a closer insight to enhance your already established look.

Stack jewelry is in trend

Perhaps the most versatile and trendy are what expected this season is stacked bangle/Bracelets look. Wrap around your wrists with assorted bangles or chunky cuffs to rock this look. This comes in a variety of colors and precious metals or gemstones. Adorn your wrist with your preference as many pieces of gemstones that immensely gives a bohemian look.
But be heedful overdoing this trend by wearing stacks on both wrists will not look elegant- just pick one and jingle away.

Style for your neck with alluring necklace

We ensure that you cannot go wrong with the style you opt for your neck this season. Long beaded chains are in trend so are the bold collars. Make your style statement with stiff collars of gold and silver with accents. Also the layer long and slender chains with beads or big pendants in minimalist fashion. This trend in necklace makes this style your own.

Asymmetry is key for fashion

Try and dangle a big and single earring from your preferred lobe for a quirky yet classy fashion statement. Alternate large silver and gold beads on a long hooked earring for a more versatile appeal. Or perhaps rebuild a peacock feather with precious gemstones and let it steal the show! If being unconventional is your style statement, go for available earrings for women online this seasonal trend is absolutely for you!

Color or multi hued gemstones earrings

Colour and Vibrancy! It is all about color this season. Single bold colors, or multi hued gemstones all set in one piece. Our Collection in light weight gold stands proud testament to this gorgeous trend. For a little more drama, try color blocking with opposing colors of the color wheel. Amethyst earrings with a yellow outfit… Or Turquoise and Emeralds in the same earrings… the world of colors is your oyster, or should we say your palette?

Time pieces set your style

Trends may come and trends may go, but timepieces stay forever. Intricacy is celebrated all over again. Our team at jewelry And More store is particularly adept at providing some of the finest and classy luxury Watches for Men and women you will ever find. Choose your piece and let it stand alone to make your style statement. There are plenty of options for you that set your spectacular style statement.

Reward yourself with the best jewelry style and design with our alluring jewelry collection and we assure you truly shine in the crowd.
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