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Published: Fri Sep 08 2017 announce today that they are adding more quality products to its line Health Supplements. Considered to be one of the leading price comparison websites in the UK, Filtur provides Quality health foods, informative articles and much more under the ownership of Mr. Jaspal Nijjar. In technical integration and data sorting, Jaspal stresses the company’s commitment.

Due to several factors, today it is difficult for the body to optimally absorb the nutrients from food and other natural sources. Moreover, loss of appetite became a common problem among common population. All because of these, there is a growing dependence on Health Supplements, especially in the Europe. So, this simply is the inspiration behind the project Filtur. To help people to get top quality supplements at an affordable cost says Jaspal, the CEO of Filtur Ltd.

Although, Filtur rely on advanced techniques to assure the quality of products they offering. A highly qualified Brand is always on my checklist. We simply refuse to settle for any quality issues that may possibly result in low user satisfaction, Jaspal added.

Saving money just got a whole lot easier with, which allows people to shop by their featured departments, brands, stores, ingredients and more. Filtur now compares more than 20000 quality health products providing their fellow customers with a vast opportunity to reach the right products that fulfill their needs.

Filtur maintains a strong and frequent communication with their retailers to assure the prices of the products they provide. Each specific Health product is verified by professionals to assure quality as well as the accuracy in prices and this takes us to a new level." said Jaspal.

"We are very honored to launch this new innovative project," said team Filtur. This is the outcome of much hard work, research, and reflection, but as an upcoming leader in this particular industry, we knew this is the time to add more innovation to our efforts. Our customers are very loyal and we believe that they will accept our efforts and find it more functional and distinctive."

Looking more closely at Filtur, one would always realize that filtur offers more opportunities to their customers than any other of its kind. Filtur provides an article corner for their users to get enlightened about healthy life. It also offers a unique health quiz option, where people can suggest the ingredients, thereby getting the appropriate supplement.

Jaspal Nijjar, the founder of Filtur, recommends using over other price comparison websites. " Filtur is completely different in its concept and functioning, more reliable and it makes people’s life easier, and you will experience positive results,’’ he said.
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