How Revanth Infotech is Supporting Amazon Vendors in handling their seller account

From: RevanthInfotech
Published: Fri Sep 08 2017

Revanth Infotech: Authorized Amazon Service Provider and Consultant says: "We find that vendors and sellers often struggle to adapt as Amazon pushes them to rapidly change the way they do business. It's refreshing to have found an consultant provider that understands these challenges and can help vendors and sellers improve their supply chain at the pace of Amazon."

Revanth Infotech, addressed a common problem that every vendor on amazon was business encountered – the need to automate billing for subscription businesses, and make payments.

Revanth Infotech in Jaipur, specializes in providing a complete ecosystem for achieving higher sales on Amazon & other E-commerce platforms. Revanth Infotech is one stop solution for setting up, running and growing vendors business on Amazon & other e- commerce marketplaces.Representing organizations in all kind of product categories like apparels, electronics, etc and is delivering help to vendors in achieving accelerated sales growth through world class marketing, business analytics and integrated solutions.

They provide complete solution to Seller’s for account management on Amazon by using their Amazon expertise to provide clients with pricing strategies, online catalog optimization, forecasting, merchandising and shipment management and optimizing the client's exchange of business documentation like (PO’s, Purchase Order Acknowledgments, Invoices, Shipping Notices, etc.),

They are web experts and undergo a deep analysis of the business activities which includes online product listing, Website management and social media updates. Based on the analyses they put a road map to create enormous demands for products of their clients by understanding what a client is demanding for and guides the client in regards to monitoring and evaluation of your business services and sales.

The motto is to ensure the continuity of growth in terms of revenue and sales by keeping in mind to take care of branding as well on the E-commerce platform.They believe in providing services which compliments with the company’s bank account which will recite the success story on their behalf.
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