Revolution is Garage Sales with Yard Sales Guru

From: Yard Sales Guru
Published: Sun Sep 10 2017

There is a new kid in block of garage sales – Yard Sales Guru ( This remarkable startup has already attracted a lot of attention by giving the unparalleled performance and nice modern UI for simplification of the yard sales.

What makes this solution different to other applications is remarkable quality and blazing fast performance. The most boring is making inventory of your yard sale and Yard Sales Guru took this entire aspect out of the picture with their amazing phone application that allows to make entire inventory in a few shots.

Application accumulates more than 20 years of garage sales experience. Only that allowed creating the yard sales application of the twenty second century.
Startup is founded by a team of talented engineers, who are experts in their area and consumer experience specialists, who bring technology in service for the end user.

Solution is available in two main forms:
• Web Application ( – intuitive and easy to use website where everyone can register his or her yard sale, monitor the status as well exchange communications with potential buyers
• iPhone Application – one of the most comprehensive and yet easy to use applications for garage sales available in the market.

Registration and access is very easy, since all modern technology are at your disposal – simply type in your phone number and you are all set – the system will guide you through the steps of registration and starting your new garage sale.

That covers the sellers, however what if you have shopping plans? No worries, developers of the application thought about you with the same care they did about sellers.

There is a huge variety of options, available for buyers – simple browsing on the map to find the nearest spot for you, marking the sales as favorites for future review, and developers even went as far as offering you an option to reserve certain items if you are truly up to buying them, but don’t want to miss them just because you are 30 minutes away from the bike of your dream.

Thanks to its intuitive revolutionary design and well thought details, Yard Sales Guru ( becomes the best application to support your next garage sale.

There is no better time to join Yard Sales Guru.
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