200+ Student Photographers from 100+ Universities Collaborate, Launch Interactive-Gifting Site as Un

From: Campus Keepsake
Published: Fri Sep 15 2017

The yearlong collaboration of 200 student-photographers– and counting – culminated with the launch of CampusKeepsake.com – the only alphabet photography*site that allows customers to create completely-customizable photo-art pieces using images from any of 100+ university campuses.

*Alphabet photography: using photos of architectural landmarks and other man-made and natural objects resembling letters to spell out any name, word, or phrase.

University of Notre Dame "CRIST":

Mr. Crist’s bride created this one-of-a-kind "CRIST" masterpiece as her wedding gift to him.

Minutes later - 4 months ago today, in fact! - they tied the knot in Notre Dame’s fabled Basilica - now, the frame itself is as storied as each letter Mrs. Crist selected to spell out her new last name

To preserve our customers' nostalgic memories for a lifetime, we include a letter-location list on the back of each frame...along with an optional gift note to ensure the occasion is just as unforgettable.

https://campuskeepsake.com/ features thousands of "letters", "numbers", and "symbols" with which to design a unique poster print or individually-matted-and-framed series of photographs spelling out any name, word, phrase, number, year, or date.

Do you bleed your alma mater’s colors? Treat yourself and the die-hard college fans in your life to a completely customizable gift as unique as the college experience.

Connect with us on social media using the handle @CampusKeepsake and hashtags #CampusKeepsake on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr.

We thank you for helping us spread the highest quality college spirit! For questions or to arrange an interview with Campus Keepsake Founder & CEO, student-photographers and/or other members of the CK team, please email Media@CampusKeepsake.com.
Company: Campus Keepsake
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Contact Email: media@campuskeepsake.com
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