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From: OfficeList
Published: Fri Sep 15 2017

After being away from the business for three years, co-founder Uddy Carmi came back to OfficeList as the new CEO. Exploring different markets, expansion, and innovation are some of the characteristics that would characterize this phase in the company.

For those who know the entrepreneur, it's easy to tell how much he enjoyed the time he dedicated to his family; but knew OfficeList was always close to his heart.

"I wanted to get back on track and keep growing. I approached my former business partner to explore buying him out so I could follow my own vision for the future of OfficeList. I enjoy the industry we’re in, the people we work with and the impact our work has in start-ups, small companies and entrepreneurs".

His constant curiosity for learning new things got him involved in gathering a wealth of knowledge in technology, that will be applied for rethinking the company's website tools to focus on growth and client's experience. Other projects that make CEO Uddy Carmi excited about OfficeList's new ventures is the 50% growth in the team to better serve existing clients and support the expansion plans.

As he says, "expect to see us venturing into new markets, applying the latest tech, and evolving the business model to service the needs of a greater audience".

Beside from these great opportunities for the company, Uddy Carmi highlights the team which constantly inspires him to see the importance of giving that extra mile for having success with clients; and the passion they all share for helping those small companies become more competitive and offer their teams a happy place to work.

For young readers out there, CEO tells "being an entrepreneur is a tough but immensely rewarding path. It’s doing what inspires you and working your butt off for something that matters. So get started, surround yourself with people who’re smarter than you and inspire them".
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