Extra, Extra read all about it; Pozitive Entertainment makes a game changing decision!!

From: Pozitive Enterprises
Published: Fri Sep 15 2017

Yes, that's right... T-1 & Poz have linked with a very creditable credit repair company, CreditRepairAndFunding.com, to supply over 200 people or more with a little financial relief. They have put together The Pozitive Outcome Grant which is a grant that pays the personal credit bill in entirety. The only fee that will apply is the application fee to help those who only need the aid. This is the opportunity of a lifetime offered by 2 stars on the rise. Their entire brand is one of the most motivational and uplifting brands in the world. Positivity and Belief is what they live and stand on. "We know that we can't teach people strength and will, but we can show people how to endure and persevere", T-1 said in our last interview with him.
You can feel the motivation and passion in their voices and aura. Their hospitality and integrity come from their Alabama Roots. You could tell in the interview that there were some things that they were holding back from us. Poz reassured us that they have a huge surprise in their back pocket and we can't wait to hear what that surprise is...
The Pozitive Outcome Grant:
For the people interested in this chance of a lifetime there are qualifications when it comes to being approved for this grant:
-Want to be a homeowner.
-Need your credit raised to get a job.
-Need financing for your business or to start up a business.
-Need to lower your interest rates to refinance credit cards or your car.
These are small qualifications that just about anyone in the world should be able to meet. This is the chance of a lifetime & only a fool would turn this down!!!!
"I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my soul." William Ernest Henley
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