Mobile Retail Wins in 2017: BloomWholesale Helps Boutique E-tailers Win While Lowering Costs

Published: Fri Sep 15 2017

According to Forbes, foot traffic during the 2016 holiday season was down and in store sales underwhelming. Even established retailers who made omni-channel investments like basement experiments or brow bars are struggling. They do not address the underlying shift in customer behavior: most shopping experiences today don’t happen in stores, they happen online. Mobile Retail is winning.

Retail Overall is Up in 2017

Retailers reporting to The Street in early 2017 confirmed online buying boosted their sales. And despite headlines of retail store closures, a recent Kiplinger report shows retail sales in 2017 are expected to rise by 4.0% with E-commerce growing by 14%. It appears the retail industry is in a period of transformation spurred by the digital age, and Bloomwholesale is an example of how one company is helping boutique owners win online business.

BloomWholesale: A Personal Shopper for Boutiques

If owning a clothes boutique has been a dream of yours, now is a good time as ever to try your hand in retail; even more promising is e-retail. There are a plethora of E-commerce tools to help you set up your business online, such as the computer software Shopify. And wholesale clothing is just a click away -- like who procures women’s fashion from top designers in the LA Fashion District. Based in the heart of the fashion industry, with daily access to thousands of the hottest fashion trends, acts as a personal shopper to bring the latest trends to boutique owners at discount prices. Online access to also eliminates costly flights or fees to buy clothes at traditional fashion trade shows, and the company can pass down big savings since they buy direct from designers and manufacturers.

Tips to Win New E-business

While retailers and boutique owners can expect confident spending in 2017, Ryan Ninow, CEO and founder of says weighing potential risks and rewards should be part of an overall business strategy as disruption is the new normal. With ever-increasing retail purchase channels that elevate consumer expectations, Ryan offers the below tips to boutique e-tailers to retain customers and win new business:

- Attract purchasers into online stores with loyalty and engagement programs
- Offer unique products and services while ensuring in-stock inventory levels
- Achieve operational excellence by addressing customer support requests

To be successful in confronting the unavoidable wave of retail evolution over the next 12 months and beyond, retailers must anticipate and respond to challenges. Like world-class surfers, top-performing retailers are usually best able to identify the right waves, know just when to jump on the board and how to ride that wave to shore. Surfers that wait for the next wave to come along may miss their sales targets.
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