The 6th Regional Cyber Security Summit: Towards Efficient Cyber Resilience

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Published: Wed Sep 20 2017

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and threatening to affect global organizations in their day to day activities. In a view of tackling such threats, the cost of implementing IT security solutions has significantly increased and expected to reach USD 101 billion in 2018 globally (Gartner). Middle East and North Africa (MENA) spending on cyber security technology and services is on pace to reach $13.43 billion by 2019, with an expected CAGR of 13.7% for the period 2013-2019. By 2019, 30% of large enterprises will increase their security consulting services spending as they transition into digital business.

With the advent of digitization among the countries of the Middle East and growing exposure to the risk of cyber-attacks, governments in the middle east have now directed their focus more on cybersecurity, releasing cybersecurity frameworks and mandating country-specific regulatory policies emphasizing on the need to have efficient monitoring and detection in place.

The 6th Regional Cybersecurity Summit (RCS Summit) organized by The ITU Regional Cybersecurity Center (ITU-ARCC) and hosted by Oman National CERT focuses on directing regional efforts to develop new policies and identifying latest technologies to combat cyber threats. The two-day summit comprises of an interactive learning program, covering a range of topics highlighting the current and future threats which affect organizations & business effectiveness. Bringing together over 350 leading cybersecurity experts, 25+ regional CERTs and key policy makers from around the Kingdom and the region to discuss key aspects in Network Security, Data Security, Incident response, Industrial Control System Security, Cloud Security and Data protection and malware mitigation.

Aiming towards efficient cyber resilience, the meet will combine insightful panels led by key regional and international experts representing organisations such as Oman National CERT, Tunis CERT, EG CERT, Qatar CERT, Sudan CERT, International Telecommunication Union – ITU, CERT – SA KSA, Interpol, Barclays, Cybersecurity Malaysia, MasterCard Worldwide, Silensec, Central Intelligence Agency – CIA and National Telecom Regulatory Authority – EGYPT. The summit will feature visionary keynote’s, case studies, panel discussions and technology solutions from key players in the cybersecurity domain.

The RCS Summit will take place on 20 – 21 November 2017 at the Sheraton Oman Hotel, Muscat, Oman.
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