An Interconnected, Community Driven Process for Big Business Wins

From: Philip D. Bennett
Published: Thu Sep 21 2017

After running six service companies, raising three kids and recovering from a debilitating illness, Philip D. Bennett is still going strong as a regular mentor at Fledge and TechCo. His name draws attention in the Boise startup circle. And he believes he owes his "stability in chaos" to the principles shared in his fourth eBook "The C Loops - A Process Centric, Experience Driven Framework for Exponential Business Growth".

The tagline is a mouthful but Philip is enthusiastic about breaking it down for readers.

"Think of the title of this eBook as an equation. To the left you have all the components. And to the right you have the sum-total - the framework which I like to call C Loops," says the author of the best-seller "GameChangers".

He further elaborates. "Let’s tackle exponential growth first. It’s a buzzword in the business community. But very few people actually realize where exponential growth comes from. It’s not found in hacks and viral posts. What you get through these tricks is at best the initial push needed to establish a market presence. True exponential growth comes when you realize all the activities that make up your business are interconnected. And that if you set the system up right, a small tweak in one section can cause a big improvement in the output - your revenue or your reputation."

Philip likes to highlight the example of his carpet cleaning business under the banner "All Care" which he tripled in size based on nothing but word of mouth and an iron clad guarantee.

He also says, "To get to that state of exponential growth, you must create processes, document them, automate them and through everything remember that we are living in the Experience Economy and clients remember your product for a couple of months but the way you make them feel for life."

In his ebook Philip advises entrepreneurs to make a start - because they have more assets in their circle than they realize. In fact the ebook hinges on the concept of leveraging community, coaching, client acquisition models and evergreen marketing.

The C Loops is positioned for out of the box thinkers who want to use traditional insights for "exceptional" results.

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Philip is a speaker-mentor-serial entrepreneur passionate about helping people find their purpose in life. He regularly volunteers for charity work around the world and contributes to Idaho’s startup community through initiatives like Startup Idaho and Startup Side Hustle.

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