Best Diwali Sweets to Brighten Up Your Festival of Light

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Published: Thu Sep 21 2017

Diwali is the festival Lightning, crackers and sweets and it is just not something literary, the festival does have a philosophical underlining. It means enlightening your soul and looking for something bright in the future.
That occasion is coming October month in every year. The festival of Diwali celebrated for happy. These day lord Rama, Sita and Laxmana return to Ayodhya after 14TH year,s.
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We call Diwali as ‘the festival of light’ Diwali is colourful. Wherever you might celebrate it, in India or away from India, you simply cannot keep the colours away from your celebrations. Diwali, celebrated by the Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains is essentially a festival to celebrate good over evil.
And the best way to celebrate your Diwali is with firecrackers, glistening lights and décor, Diwali snack and most importantly sweets or ‘pakwan’. Nothing can be more delicious than celebrating the victory with a sweet dessert.
That is why Diwali sweets take the center stage during the festive season. Even people in abroad cities get eager to send Diwali sweets to India. Traditionally Diwali sweets have the common ingredients like flour, ghee, chickpea, condensed milk, nuts, saffron, cardamom and other spices. But with the change in our culture and gastronomically desires, we have some new ingredients like oats, some rare cereals, cheese, Nutella, some vegetables, cocoa etc.
However, with the launch of online stores buying Diwali sweets have become easier. You can send same day Diwali gifts to India, no matter if you stay at Southall or at New Jersey. We have prepared a list of five best Diwali sweets you will like to gift your friends and family –
Chocó Mawa Rolls
With a little touch of Parsi food culture and condiments, this tasty confectionary is something ideal to gift your friends this Diwali. It is soft and delicious, so you might worry about its non-hampered delivery. But if you can buy Diwali sweets online India, they will ensure a good package without any damage.
Traditionally a sweet dish prepared by the Gujaratis and they are in love with this sweet. If you are planning to send out Diwali sweets have this in your list. It is a snack made by deep-frying with fillings of coconut and dry fruits inside.
Kaju Katli
You cannot imagine Diwali without this sweetmeat. Essentially prepared from cashew nut, mawa, sugar and other condiments is a perfect sweet to gift.
Mysore Pak
It is the gem of all sweets in Diwali. This soft and tasty pakwan and on can easily send it on the same day to friends and family.
Dry Fruit Anzeer Barfi
Dry fruits are the ultimate ingredients that stay perfect even during long shipment. You can gift this item even if you are long distance away from your family in India.
With online shops, Diwali sweets delivery in India has become easier. So make your Diwali colourful and bright buying shopping sweets online.

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