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Published: Thu Sep 21 2017

Using CAD/CAM services over the conventional manual methods saves a lot of valuable time of the dentist as well as the patient. And this is what Smile Dental Care always focused on, providing the customer with the best of services without having to make them wait for ages to get the treatment done.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM(Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology is basically used for restoration purpose such as creating bridges, dentures & crowns.

In this technology, first the tooth is scanned through a scanner by the dentist which directly feeds the data into the computer that creates a CAD model of the tooth is created, and with the help of the input data, the precise calculation is performed by the compiler for the sizing & structure of the crown that will fit the tooth in a proper manner. This final model of the crown is passed onto the CAM software which further instructs the machine on the dimensions and sizing to get the desired end product from a ceramic or composite piece. The CNC machine uses milling to produce the replica of the 3D CAD model. This way, usually the patient is relieved on the same day.

There are many types of materials, used for the process of milling to create the model of the tooth or the denture. Each material having different properties applications & cost of manufacturing. Some of the materials are metal alloys, resin & glass ceramics, ceramic & resin composites, etc.

This automated version of creating the end product is helpful in reducing the physical tasks and efforts. And as the machine is instructed to do the task with proper guidelines, the chances of error are very less. There may some difference in the price of the treatment & installation, but the method of automation is surely less time consuming & easy to learn and perform. The favour among the people may put a halt to the manual methods in near future.

Here are some of the advantages of manufacturing with the help of CAD/CAM:

Time saving:
You can get the desired product in as less as 1-2 hours, saving the time of the patient and doctor, cutting off the multiple visits and long-duration temporary restoration techniques.

The CAD/CAM manufactured implants are believed to be more robust and less likely to get damaged.

The scanners accurately record the data and use of multiple 3D pictures for accuracy leaves a very less margin for error resulting in a desired outcome.
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