OXYCHARGE India's First Pure Oxygen Energy Booster

From: Oxycan Solutions Private Limited
Published: Mon Sep 25 2017

Supplemental oxygen was first used in 1908 at Cambridge University, as a performance enhancer. Since then, Supplemental oxygen therapy has been used across the globe by Travelers, sports bodies, gyms, hotels, offices etc.
It is all natural and safe, unlike stimulants and energy drinks, which contain caffeine and sugars. OxyCharge elevates energy levels, increases alertness and restores composure. The secret ingredient in OxyCharge is a recreational form of pure oxygen, delivered at over 350% the concentration of oxygen found at sea level.

Every cell in human body produces energy from ATP by burning oxygen–it’s the basic fuel for cellular metabolism. Short supply of oxygen leads to inefficient energy release from carbohydrates, resulting in processes becoming slower and passive. The effects of inadequate oxygen in blood makes you start to feel stressed, fatigued or short of breath.

Our body cells need a regular supply of high quality oxygen to function at peak levels because about 2000% more energy is released per gram of carbohydrates when compared to burning in low supply of oxygen.

When you are low on energy, just a few deep breaths of OxyCharge provides quick energy boost, increases mental clarity and focus and alleviates the effects of stress, altitude and pollution.

OxyCharge portable oxygen canisters are a perfect fit for the healthy and active individuals. So whether you’re exhausted by Travel, Work, Study, Elevation, Sport or Recovery, simply get OXYCHARGED!
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