Chinese Actor Yang Li Stars in upcoming action drama, Dark Empire

From: Faren Wright
Published: Mon Sep 25 2017

With the increase of China-based celebrities in Hollywood Films like Donnie Yen and Zhang Ziyi, here's another name that some may want to remember: Yang Li.

Despite only being in America for a short amount of years, Yang has made a name for himself in films such as Persevere and Fate. Recently, Yang has also landed a role in the new upcoming original series Dark Empire. In collaboration with Sola Gratia Productions (Heavyweight) and director Antonio Chavez Trejo (Bloody Luck), the series stars action actors Yang Li, Bruce Ng Kang Wei, Natasha Choi, and Daeun Lee.

The action thriller series follows the life of Raizo (Yang Li) a young retired MMA fighter who's search for purpose lead him to join the gladiators tournament, an underworld free-for-all fight club with high stakes and even higher rewards. With roots in Hollywood Kung Fu Movies and Chinese Martial Arts, Dark Empire is a refreshing take on modern action films and definitely something to put on your watch list.

Produced by Sola Gratia Productions in Los Angeles. Sola Gratia is known for titles such as Heavyweight (2016), The Breakup (2014), and Autumn of Youth (2009)
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