The digital imperative

From: Nettle Services Ltd.
Published: Mon Sep 25 2017

Right now, we’re seeing businesses across all industries reinventing themselves through the use of technology.

Nettle offers a range of useful features and integration options for small businesses, making complex work assignments simpler and more accessible than ever. With a single tap, you get full access to digital receipts and online orders, your customers’ recent purchases, their preferred payment method, employee targets and items sold.

The entire business outline is dedicated to providing you with the latest sales and sale insights. You can access these reports directly from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere you are.

Timesheets: General sales summaries and reports on sales trends, accepted payment methods (card, or cash), items sold, etc.
Transactions: you can review individual transactions, including customer-facing receipts and payment signatures.
Cash Drawers: Track your cash drawer history and individual drawer sessions.
Online Sales: general online sales summaries on best buy items, delivery methods, and more.
Stock Levels: a general overview of stock levels and timescale of sold items.
Employee achievements: summary of sold items per employee, day in the week etc.

We encourage slicker, faster service.

When assessing the business landscape we couldn't overlook the most common business planning tools widely used for budgeting, reporting and creating business forecasts. Unlike Excel, writing sales reports down on paper might get really more time consuming, but it is still considered the 'safe way' of summarising the daily performance results and printing out the findings.

Forget spreadsheets, with quick insights such as these it’ll be easy to figure out how you can sell more.

Sales History: Browse individual sales, accepted payment methods (card, cash, gift cards), items sold and more.
Sales Summary: Your daily sales overview including items sales, returns, discounts and payment collected.
Payment Methods: View insights on the accepted payment method (card, cash, or gift card).
Item Sales: Summary of sold items per day in the week, including sale volume and item's gross value.
Category Sales: Overview of all category sales with corresponding gross value.
Employee Sales: Summary of sold items per employee, day in the week etc.
Modifier Sales: Review individual modifier sales and adjust your view.
Discounts: View the list of the discounts applied per day in the week.
Taxes: Track your taxable and non-taxable sales, the tax report shows the total tax collected.
Timesheets: Set employee timesheets to oversee the total hours worked and items sold per work hour.

Nettle offers a powerful reporting tool that incorporates an accurate summary of your daily sales performance, customer preferences, best-buy items, stock balance, and employee achievements, all accessible from any location or device.

Do you own a bookstore, newspaper stand, coffee shop, or offer any kind of service?

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