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Published: Mon Sep 25 2017

Chess is a favorite hobby of many people. According to recent polls, approximately 25-30 million people play chess in the United States alone. It is estimated that hundreds of millions of people know how to play chess worldwide. Some people enjoy it so much that they follow international championships and even participate in local chess tournaments. Popularity has grown so much that Grandmasters are beginning to organize coaching lessons online. They are able to cater lessons to newbies who want to learn basic chess skills and even prominent players who want to enhance their level of performance.
To continuously learn the game of chess and to enjoy it at home along with siblings, kids, parents and friends, players require high quality chess set. At you can find exclusive ranges of chess boards, chess pieces, chess clocks and accessories. This is your one stop shop for everything you need to play chess.

Chess Boards: According to the rules of the game, chess boards must have 8x8 alternating black and white squares. This is the restricted platform on which the game of chess is played. Chess boards can be made of different materials and in various sizes as well. Usually the size of square determines the overall size of the board. You can find classic chess boards made with various types of quality woods, such as rosewood, black wood, macassar, walnut and many others. These special kinds of woods provide a high quality look to the board and are durable enough to last for generations to come.

Chess Pieces: There are various styles of chess pieces for you to choose from. There are some authentic design patterns such as the British, American Staunton and Zagreb chess pieces that are available online. These chess pieces are handcrafted using wood. Although not as durable and aesthetically pleasing, plastic pieces are also available in a wide variety of colors.
There are some other combinations such as plastic chess pieces with magnets at their bottom and chess boards that have steel inside them. This helps the players get the desired stability of the chess pieces while playing. This also allows for reducing the size of board and pieces so that the entire set requires less space for storage and travelling!

Accessories: There are some accessories that are crucial to the game and important for keeping the pieces safe . Aspirants can find a wide variety of boxes for keeping the pieces safe when not in use. These boxes can be attractively made with wood and covered with classic fabrics such as silk, velvet and wool. These can be useful for keeping chess pieces protected from exposure to dust, dirt and some adverse climatic changes that can harm the pieces.
Chess clocks are another important accessory that are used for calculating the duration of chess matches and each players time. Players can simply tap on the buttons provided and the clock keeps track of each individual’s time. This is important for evaluation of players in competitions and is a must for anyone who is seriously considering playing chess.

Whether it’s chess boards, pieces or accessories, visit today for all your chess requirements.
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