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From: The Broken Car Company
Published: Tue Sep 26 2017

We have a surprise for broken or old car owners, now they will get hard cash for their junk. So don’t try to abandon it on roads or lonely places as we are here to pay you off.
New Zealand, 18th September 2017:- The Broken Car Company, an expert broken car buyer from Auckland is here to solve disposing issues of broken or unused cars. We observed that there is a tremendous increase in the rate of abandoned cars in last few years. Although we deeply understand reasons behind this, car owners want to get rid of their broken or junk cars, they even try the unmethodical method of disposing.
But, don’t worry, we at The Broken Car Company have an exciting offer for car owners which they don't want to miss. If they are running out of cash then their old or broken car can earn cash for them. Whatever may be the condition of the car we are ready to pay for it?
If you are among those people who believe that no one will pay a single penny for unused, damaged or old vehicle then you are totally wrong. As we are here to serve all customers across Auckland, regardless the make or model of the vehicle, we want to pay top price for it.
This is something like making gold from waste. The Broken Car Company has years of experience in this field, therefore, understood the value of scrap. This is the right time when a person can reduce the burden of his backyard.
Believe us, no catch in this deal, we are genuine and want our customers to get a handsome amount for their old vehicle. We don’t charge any amount for removing cars anywhere in Auckland; this is a complimentary offer from our edge. Therefore customers can even save their money of towing too, what a deal isn’t it?
Upfront payments of up to $15000 cash…. isn't it a jaw-dropping deal. Our name signifies our interest but this is partially true, as we do like to invest in the purchase of old vans, 4WDs, utes, and other light commercial vehicles.
Whether a vehicle belongs to Toyota, Honda or any other make, we are ready to take it off from the hands of sellers. So feel free to contact us. For more information about our services and what we have to offer, please visit our website at http://thebrokencarcompany.co.nz/ or call us at 0800 100 743.
Fill the query form on the website to get a perfect estimation of the worth of the vehicle from our corner.
About the organization:-
The Broken Car Company is 100% New Zealand owned and operated an organization that has 20+ years of experience in this field. Quick and hassle free services are the virtue of our organization. Our experts are highly professional and friendly therefore give the perfect estimation of the worth of the junk vehicle.
Contact Information:-
Website: - http://thebrokencarcompany.co.nz
Address:-  132 Railside Avenue Henderson, Auckland, NZ
Contact Number: -  0800 100 743
Email Id: - info@thebrokencarcompany.co.nz
Special Note:- Open 24/7 365 Days
Company: The Broken Car Company
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