Onyyx Brings to you Special Mithais for Navratri

From: Onyyx India
Published: Tue Sep 26 2017

Mumbai’s well known mithai making and distributing brand, Onyyx, has just launched 9 new mithai flavours for this year’s navratri celebrations. The love of Indians for festival celebration is well known, and navratri is not one but more than a week of revelries. People buy sweets, dresses, dandiya etc. and most importantly, follow the colour code for these 9 days.

Onyyx India Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the renowned Aarihant Mithai & Namkeen, and has been in this mithai making field since the 1990s. Just like Aarihant, even Onyyx has become very popular for their innovative and qualitative mithais in the country. Mr. Harnish R Gada, the founder, has took Onyyx to the success and heights that it is today.

For this festival of navratri, just as there are 9 different pre-decided colours for the people to follow, the new Onyyx mithai flavours also obey this coding, as far as the colour of the mithais are concerned. For each day of navratri, there is a special mithai by Onyyx, although you can buy any mithai on any day. Following is a list of the colours of the days and the similar coloured mithai brought to you by Onyyx:
1. Yellow - Kesar Peda.
2. Green - Trikuti.
3. Grey - Rasraj Peda.
4. Orange - Mango Rasraj.
5. White - Shwet.
6. Red - Kaju Litchi.
7. Royal Blue - Flora.
8. Pink - Berry Bash.
9. Purple - Rose Delight.
Company: Onyyx India
Contact Name: Harnish Gada
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Contact Phone: 022-25106500

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