Chrometa is a leading time tracking app that offers efficient services for an affordable price.

[ClickPress, Wed Sep 27 2017] Easy-to-understand software for time tracking, Chrometa is a popular option for companies seeking time management solutions. Chrometa is available under 3 month-to-month plans that help companies understand the new features and benefits of the software. The individual plans include the startup plan for $12, the basic plan for $19 and the Plus plan for $29 per month. Clients can avail their chosen plan with a 30-day free trial.
This software is quite useful for companies seeking to increase efficiency for their employees. The app passively captures the time each person spends on their PC, Android or iPhone, and that includes the time they spend writing documents, researching on the internet, responding to emails, reading and other tasks. This way, each minute is accounted for.

“Our purpose for Chrometa has always been to give employees what they deserve. According to studies, most professionals are only billed for 67% of the hours that they work. And this is injustice in itself,” a representative from Chrometa stated. “The packages we offer include various components for support. The Startup package for $12 per month includes 1 time tracker for one computer, along with phone and email support as well as a free 30-day trial. The Basic package, which is our most popular package, offers support for two devices such as a computer and smartphone along with integration and exports, along with other details. The Plus package for $29 per month offers four time trackers. So clients can connect Chrometa with 2-3 computers and their smartphones as well.”

Chrometa works as a personal timekeeper. It is easy to operate and it is affordable. While workers waste a significant amount of time at work, Chrometa allows employers to keep track of their workers’ activities and how much time they spend over them. This includes the time they take to read their mails, the time they are away for meetings and the time they spend calling or texting someone. Therefore, its continued growth as the best super-smart application is being recognized all across the world.
“Our aim is to provide actionable insight into each employee’s performance. All businesses seek to maximize their efficiency. With an accurate time tracking software, they can do so and use the data at hand to improve their methods of work for their own growth,” the representative added.
Operating in a highly competitive industry of time management solutions, Chrometa continues to offer the best software to businesses around the globe to improve their workflows.

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Chrometa is super-smart application that can capture and automatically store data as you work on your computer. It records every activity you do as it runs in the background. It is one effective tool for employers looking to make their business efficient.

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