Rpay features to make Rpay a special and a unique experience to its users

From: Rpay
Published: Wed Sep 27 2017

• Rpay is Privacy and Security Centric:
No central server, no personal information captured, and no data mining. Your data cannot be stolen or sold, because nobody other than you has it. Data is distributed across the nodes with redundancy and context based dynamic encryption.

• NO Fees and NO Restrictions:
For most users, products, and services it's free for both buyers and sellers. No commissions, no fees. Arrange for local pickup on Rpay online with the payment method of your choice including Rpay tokens, or other crypto currencies. Since your data is only yours, we are not imposing any limitations and restrictions on items that can be bought and sold.

• User Experience Focused:
Simple, tidy, efficient, beautiful. We have top UX experts in our team. Our future roadmap includes snap-and-post super easy for-sale postings using computer vision algorithms already developed by us.

• Rpay / BTC Wallet integrated:
We believe in lowering barrier to entry for crypto users to start using crypto for transactions through a wallet integration and friendly UI. It is a key adoption factor.
• Social Engagement:
Rpay ecosystem includes not only "Buy it Now" listings, but also a variety of auctions – Silent, Regular and Dutch. It also includes online classifieds materials, in a craigslist style. Deleting boundaries between regular e-commerce and simple classifieds services will make Rpay "go to" place for a variety of selling/buying/leasing workflows.
Read full White Paper at https://www.rpay.io/whitepaper/
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