Travel Card, a safe and secure way to carry cash overseas

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Published: Wed Sep 27 2017

Going on an international trip and carrying lots of cash with you is always risky. For the travelers who travel very frequently always been in confusion about how to carry such a huge cash with them. Besides carrying the cash, nowadays traveler's cheque is also not a good option because of the high service charge applied by the banks. Therefore, it is the right time to look for some other solution which can guarantee you safety and can also be easy to handle.

For buying travel cards from foreign exchange companies in Delhi you need to research in detail. As exchange rate plays a great role in currency exchange you have to check the rates of the companies very wisely in order to get the best deal. Today lots of banks also offer travel cards but it is good to take the service of a reputed money exchange company in Delhi as sometimes they offer huge discounts also. One of the benefits which you will get in exchanging your currency from forex dealer is that they will show you the live exchange rate before doing currency exchange and then give with the best deal by applying a very little service charge. Since, the forex companies compete with many banks and other financial institutions, here you can do currency exchange by saving maximum amount.

By using travel card you will not have to worry about the changed exchanged rate. The exchange rate will be the same in future in which you have exchanged your currency. The rates will not affect you when you will travel abroad. The biggest benefit of having travel card is that you can withdraw money from ATM at any time in another country. Travel cards minimize the risk of getting robbed and also saves you from carrying a large amount of cash.

In case if you lose your travel card you can immediately call the forex company to block your account which will stop all transactions. In this case, you can carry spare of travel card with you.

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