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From: Safari Veterinary Care Centers
Published: Thu Sep 28 2017

Safari Veterinary Care Centers being the top veterinary care service in League City now offers Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy. Only few veterinary clinics can carry out this procedure successfully and Safari Veterinary Care Center is one of them. Equipped with the latest machinery in veterinary medicine, our veterinary care professionals have years of experience and training handling different specialized treatment procedures to ensure your pet’s treatment and safety. At Safari Vet, you are guaranteed of the best treatment for your pet regardless of the specie or breed. We offer effective and affordable treatment for dogs, cats, birds, primates, pigs and other types of animals you may have as pets. In addition, Safari Vet offers a Wellness Plan for young animals especially puppies and kittens of different age grades. This is a comprehensive veterinary care service that offers exclusive care for young animals during their weakest years.

Safari Vet is your best bet for every veterinary care service you might need. We offer the following specialized services: Advanced Imaging and X-ray, Orthopedic Surgery, Exotic Medicine and Surgery, Camp Safari Boarding Kennel, Grooming, as well as more advanced treatment procedures as mentioned earlier like Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy and Rehabilitation. As one of League City’s finest veterinary care, Safari Vet has a high level of service delivery. We are committed and dedicated to delivering excellence by following laid-down principles in our veterinary care routine. Before any treatment is given, we test your pet first for a diagnosis. Safari Vet has different veterinary treatment plans; this means choosing a treatment option is entirely left to you. Finding a treatment plan that suits you is easy, irrespective of your budget.

We maintain the highest level of professionalism when working with you and show this when working on your pet. To emphasize how much we value your peace of mind, we have cameras installed in our treatment room so that you can watch as we do our magic on your pet. Safari Vet understands the bonding and love between you and your pet and to this end, you can visit your pet while it’s on treatment. Your happiness and satisfaction means so much to us and serving you is why we are in business. We handle all your needs and never turn you down no matter the health challenge faced by your pet. Each treatment procedure is made to fit a pet’s need individually so when we are working on your pet, you are sure of a specially-provisioned service for just you. We understand the need pet owners have for an effective veterinary care solution and we strive to provide this for you.
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