Leankor: The All-in-One Solution for Project Management Problems

From: Leankor
Published: Thu Sep 28 2017

To get effective results, management of time and work has to be done in a more organized way. Leankor is an all-in-one solution for all problems that arise during project management. They provide efficient tools for automating workflow, time tracking, risk handling and management, and most importantly team coordination and collaboration, and much more. They offer impressive online resource management in Alberta, Canada and rest of the world.

With Leankor’s Visual Project Management App, you can now easily work in Agile or Waterfall mode, which will help you to keep a track of resources, finances, time and risks that are vital components in any business project. Managers can achieve highest yield by automating the process and keeping the track of time. Leankor enables user to work visually on any methodology, which results in improved decision making, collaboration and delivery of product. Also, users can visually work with Agile or Waterfall module and manage resources, time tables, portfolios, finances and risks with ease.

Canada –based, Leankor offers perfect solutions for all project management related problems faced by managers today. Their app is so user-friendly that first-time users can drive effective results and increase cash inflow. Moreover, the Leankor app has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to understand and work on it.

With leankor, you will be able to handle resources, risks, finances, time and portfolios all at one place, which is the reason why we call it an all-in-one solution to manager’s problems. It helps in providing real time visibility into data with seamless integration and high-class security. This project management software is built on Salesforce platform, hence it provides robust security and enterprise scalability. So, improve your work efficiency and make decisions without delay with Leankor. You can visit their website for online project management solutions or contact them personally at 403-351- 2649 for more details about their advanced task management software.

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