PromptCloud Launches Web Scraping Forum

From: PromptCloud
Published: Thu Sep 28 2017

PromptCloud, a leading web scraping service company, launched a community forum where like minded people, who work with data, can connect and share knowledge & ideas about web data extraction with each other. It’s an open and friendly community where people can ask questions, share tips and discuss all things web scraping.

The Web Scraping Forum is live and can be accessed publicly. Users need to sign up with the forum to ask questions and engage with other fellow community members. The forum currently has four major categories in which users can contribute to the community—namely, Questions, Content Resources, Tools and Tips, and Miscellaneous.

Users will keep getting different badges based on the activities they perform. For example, if a user receives 5 likes on 300 posts then he is awarded "Admired" badge. Likewise, if a user gets 300 clicks on a post then he is awarded "Hot Link" badge. Also, there are four different trust levels that users are awarded based on their interactions with the community—Basic, Member, Regular, and Leader. Each trust level comes with added features that the user can now access and use on an ongoing basis to send group messages, rename & edit posts, pin posts etc.

The Web Scraping Forum is for anyone and everyone who wants to learn and share quality content about web scraping.This essentially means all the folks who work or want to work with web data will get immense benefit . If you are one of them, then you can join the community and interact with others by registering here -

About PromptCloud (Parent Company):
PromptCloud is a Bangalore-based company that specializes in custom and large-scale web data extraction and has been operating for close to 8 years. As a data solutions company, PromptCloud has clients from all over the world. Vertically agnostic, clients include enterprises, start-ups & SMEs from various sectors like E-commerce & Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Marketing & Business Research, Analytics etc.
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