New Windows 10 S Version Is All Set To Rule The IT World

From: Windows Support Number
Published: Sat Sep 30 2017

The new version of Windows which is Windows 10 S comes with advanced functionality to offer its users unique working flexibility. Windows 10S comes with strong security features, in-tune for education purposes and office 365 for education purpose. Here users will be introduced all new things which they need to know about Windows 10 S which is mostly needed from the customersÂ’ viewpoint.

Top features added in Windows 10S are:
• Security Features
This version comes with hand full of security features that are built into the OS to prevent students from being able to download certain types of applications that may be harmful. Well, this is the place where users can download anything while running Windows 10 S. users wonÂ’t be needed to constantly monitor and uninstall unapproved downloads which is quite time consuming fact. Also, the stripped-down design of Windows 10 S makes enables much faster boot time process within 15 seconds.
• In-tune working feature for education purposes
In-tune for Education feature is a robust tool which allow admins to easily set-up as well as manage user groups easily with faster application deployment process based on groups of users. It manages group settings via remote basis. Users experience an individualized working feature on shared machines.
• Office 365 for Education
Office 365 for education feature comes with zero charges for businesses as well as education specific purposes. It comes with tools which help struggling students learn to read as well as write. Also, the tool gives users with advanced functionality
Microsoft team is the real tech geek for all of us and especially in education. Also, the tool helps teachers maintain their lesson plans well in advance by sharing information with the students and facilitating online discussions related to education. Students can work team with group projects, complete their home task as well as share study materials. An all-in-one professional learning component for both the teachers as well as school administrators.

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