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From: Safari Veterinary Care Centers
Published: Mon Oct 02 2017

Now that Hurricane Harvey has exhausted itself and we are left with moving on with our lives, we understand there is need to repair all that was damaged, replaced all that was lost and keep our body and soul together. Our pets are not to be left out in this regard as they suffered this incident as much as we did and need the best health care available to keep them in good shape.

With this in mind, Safarivet is offering a FREE checkup to customers who turn up at our veterinary clinic for the first time. We are saying, ‘if you visit our veterinary clinic as a first time visitor, your pet will enjoy a totally FREE first-time check-up’.

We understand that a lot has been lost during this incident and we are trying to help out in our own little way by making this FREE offer to care for your pets. Keeping your animals safe, happy and healthy is a task all pet owners must undertake and we plan to make this easier for you during this trying period.
Your pet has this opportunity to enjoy a FREE first-time check-up from Safari Vet. This offer is for all Texas residents so bring your pet to us for a thorough health inspection.

Safari Vet has been in the business of taking care of pets by offering veterinary health care services for the past 33 years. Founded in 1984, the veterinary care has offered veterinary care to different animals irrespective of specie or breed. Safari Vet’s director, Dr. Garner Steven Garner chairs the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Companion Animal Practice (1992; re-certified in 2002 and 2012).

Safari Vet’s motto is Diagnosis before treatment and this is apparent in all procedures handled by their veterinary care center. Employing the most up-to-date pet health care techniques, Safari Vet offers advanced diagnostics, basic and advanced veterinary care, rehabilitative therapy, surgical procedures, stem cell therapies and other advanced procedures.

You are welcome to bring your pet to our Clinic for your first FREE check-up.

To enjoy this FREE offer, all a prospective client needs to do is to provide a coupon code gotten from Safari Vet’s official website at This coupon code gives you direct access to a FREE check-up in our veterinary care facility for first time visitors.

You can visit to get your coupon code now.
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