TutStu introduces Personalized Online Tuitions for Indian Students.

From: TutStu Education
Published: Tue Oct 03 2017

Kolkata, India: TutStu, has introduced Personalized Online Tuitions for every Indian Student. As the name suggests ("Tut" from Tutor & "Stu" from Student), the company aims to bridge the gap between Students and Quality Tutors, by leveraging upon the Internet. It's a Marketplace of Tutors, for Students. Using TutStu, students or parents can Search, Find, Select & Learn from Tutors, as per their preferences. Students can find Tutors teaching Middle School –to- College Curriculum. Tutors are available to teach a wide variety of Subjects, ranging from School Maths & Sciences –to- Test Preparations like IIT, NEET, SAT, CAT etc. –to- College Engineering & Management Subjects. Every teacher on TutStu are Rated, Reviewed and Ranked by Students. Tuitions on TutStu takes place 1-on-1 via LIVE Online Video Chat.

"Every year, we see millions of Students facing problems when it comes to finding Quality Tutors. Student Localities in Metros have limited number of Tutors, as a result Students surf through the length & breadth of cities to reach Quality Tutors. Students in Urban & Semi-Urban Regions have to travel long distances to find good tutors. Students in Rural Areas relocate to areas with better tutor concentration."- said the brains behind the idea, Subham Das, Founder of TutStu.
"Students and their parents are always in search for skilled Tutors, thousands of them have to relocate to coaching city of India, Kota, to Prepare for Competitive Exams for Engineering and Medical Streams. They are driven by helplessness end up paying hefty amount to Tutoring Centres/Institutes." – Mr Das added.

Online Tuition is not an alien concept for India. Online Tuitions or Tutoring is widely popular in developed countries like U.S.A, U.K, Korea, Singapore and Australia to name a few. Some Unique Features offered by TutStu includes:
Tutoring can be attended from home's convenience and comfort
LIVE 1-on-1 Interaction between Tutor & Student
Self-paced without facing any Peer-Pressure
Sessions are held over Virtual Classroom (Audio + Video + Whiteboard)
All Tutors are Rated, Ranked and Reviewed by Students
Tutors available for 30+ Subjects & 350+ Branches
Access Top-Rated Tutors for National-Level Competitive Exams
Freedom to Find, Select & Learn from Tutors.
Ability to Access & Learn from Tutors across the World.
Affordable & Negotiable Tutoring Fee.
Free Registration & Free Trial Classes for Students.

Using Personalised Online Tuitions from Quality Tutors, students of all streams and boards, can get best-in-class mentorship from the comfort of their home.
"Imagine a student Ravi from New Delhi, sitting at his home and learning Calculus from the Best Calculus Tutor in India, based out of Chennai. –OR- Think of Sneha from Orissa, sitting at her home and preparing for JEE-Advanced from a renowned Trainer, located in Kota. –OR- Imagine Pramod from Chandigarh, preparing for SAT from a Trainer based out of New York. –OR- Imagine Rahul, an aspiring Automobile Engineer from Kolkata, learning the tips of the trade, from an Experienced Mercedes Engineer based in Germany."
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