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Tanco presents Verticle Autoclave, a strongly heated container used for chemical reactions and other procedures using very high Psi-pressures and temperatures. Tanco is a leading name when it comes to the manufacturing of Vertical Autoclaves. With the long history of more than six decades, we are creating and designing a wide range of medical equipment that is made using qualitative of materials. This high-quality medical equipment can be used across laboratories, Pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and other industries, according to their specific requirements. The vertical autoclave can be used for sterilization needs, including culture media, glassware, liquids, plastics, instruments, pipette tips, contaminated media, biological waste, and various other laboratory items. Our exceptional vertical autoclave line presents top loading sterilizers with optional drying, waste treatment, and fast cooling options. Tanco as Vertical autoclave manufacturers provides a one-stop solution for a broad range of vertical autoclaves that can be used under working pressure up to 15 Psi. The working temperature for sterilization process is 121 °C.

How Verticle Autoclave operates

The Stainless Steel Autoclave is formulated to serve a multitude of applications. The buyer can also add the features required according to the vertical sterilizer’s intended usage. The advanced laboratory autoclave line is available in an unrivaled array of floor standing models with chamber volumes from 23 to 160 liters. The most important characteristic that keeps our range of vertical autoclaves above others is satisfying all relevant standards and guidelines like NABH standards. Vertical sterilizer can be suitably used for dry heat sterilization.

Applications of Vertical Autoclave in Industries:

• Vertical Autoclave is perfect for plenty of applications, which require, the routine complete annihilation of living microorganisms.
• Perfect for laboratories, nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, health centers, etc.
• The microprocessor control system in it provides comfortable working along with space utilization.
• It guarantees efficient and safe sterilization even in the secluded areas.
• These vertical autoclaves encompass the stainless steel inner material, whereas mild steel exterior material for better protection.
• These vertical autoclaves can also be customized as per the requirements of customers.

How can you avail Tanco Verticle Autoclave

Placing an order at Tanco has been the easiest task ever. Just reach out to us at .... and tell us your requirements and we have got you covered.

Unique features of Verticle Autoclave

• Display to exhibit signs of on/off/done
• Little to no temperature loss due to the presence of high-grade glass wool between the outer wall and steam jacket.
• Ensures safety as fitted with vacuum breaker.
• Includes radial locking.
• Energy efficient
• Ergonomic design
• Versatile usage

Vertical autoclaves are proving to be an asset for research, institutes, laboratories, tissue culture, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals, but only when attained with high quality, which is why Tanco is a trustworthy name and the leading choice for vertical sterilizers with reliable results, high performance and a longer life.

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