Unisecure achieves new records in Customer Satisfaction.

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Published: Wed Oct 04 2017

Unisecure, the leading professional data center and web server hosting provider in the US with 50000+ clients all over the globe; recently conducted a survey to understand how happy their customers are with their product, services, and customer support. The result achieved a new record in customer satisfaction.

In the recent survey conducted by Unisecure, the result stated that 86 percent of customers are satisfied with our service and customer support. Customers’ satisfaction levels were rated on the parameters of customer service, after selling an experience, and technical support. In this survey, Unisecure measured satisfaction on the following factors such as satisfaction in terms of the provided product or service, satisfaction with a continuous business relationship, satisfaction with the value execution proportion of a product or service and satisfaction on the grounds that a product or service met or surpassed the client's desires.

"Customers not only look at product and price while making a decision about a purchase. They also prefer customer service, especially in the web server hosting services. This survey was conducted to understand the experience of our customers with our services and if they have any suggestion where we can improve their experience. We are glad that the result came out at the positive side. Our customers are happy and satisfied with our services. Also, it's a positive news for our employees. Their hard work is getting recognized by customers and they will get motivated in continuing to provide the magnificent level of customer service" said Olivia, Head of Business Development at Unisecure. Moreover, she said, "We do understand that we have to work more hard to be assured that we are standing on our customer's expectations and providing them with a smooth and reliable service.

About Unisecure
Unisecure is one of the leading data centers and cloud server hosting provider in the US established in 1996. Unisecure data centers guarantee 99.995% uptime, high-density redundant power, flexible configurations, carrier neutral facilities, and 24x7x365 customer support. We have 5 data centers among which 2 are located in Philadelphia and Conshohocken, U.S embed with Information Security Management System (ISMS) to examine risks and develop better processes for security our data centers are most secure and reliable. Our data centers offer services from vps hosting services, cloud server hosting services, co-location services, and dedicated server hosting, bare metal server services to the firewall and advanced backup solutions. We have 50000+ customers over 17 countries including brands such as Canon, DHL, HP, Microsoft, Pepsi, Mc Donalds and much more.
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