Iconiq Lab and Ventureon announce a Strategic Partnership with Ventureon

Building the best crypto investment opportunities together

[ClickPress, Wed Oct 04 2017] Today, Iconiq Lab, a global initial coin offer and token-sale (“ICO”) accelerator program, is announcing the formation of a strategic partnership with Ventureon, (a legal ICO, created by Hypercube Ventures for startups financing in the early stages).

Through its accelerator program, Iconiq Lab aims to identify the most promising crypto and blockchain projects and teams and accelerate them to their own ICO launch. Iconiq Lab’s mission is to allow for the flow of entrepreneurial creativity through using tokens as financing instruments for the worthiest startups, and to provide crypto investors actionable data when evaluating new token investment opportunities.

“We are extremely excited to announce our strategic partnership with Ventureon. Together, we aim to bridge the gap between traditional institutional investors and the crypto markets, providing access for all global investors to this exciting asset class,” said Patrick Lowry, CEO and co-founder of Iconiq Lab.

Bridging the crypto and traditional early-stage investment space is paramount to the longterm sustainability of the crypto markets and offers the most promising growth opportunity.

“Our partnership with Iconiq Lab is a great honor for us. I am sure that this cooperation will bring us one step closer to our dream - to help promising projects and talented teams to turn their ideas into reality and develop it,” said Anton Sobor, CEO and Co Managing Partner of Ventureon.

About Iconiq Lab:

Iconiq Lab(https://iconiqlab.com/) is an initial coin offer and token launch seed funding wallet and accelerator. Iconiq Lab sources, funds, develops and accelerates the best crypto, blockchain and technology startups to their own ICO during a 12-week program. Through these efforts, Iconiq Lab aims to create the best investment opportunities for Iconiq token holders and the mass crypto markets. Iconiq Lab was co-founded by investment managers Patrick Lowry, Maximilian Lautenschläger and Lukasz Musialski, blockchain innovation pioneer Sandris Murins, and venture marketing expert Arabdha Sudhir. It has core team members located in Europe, the United States and Asia. Iconiq Lab is planning its own token launch in late 2017, with the initial batch of the program set to begin in February 2018.

About Ventureon:

Ventureon (VNN) is a token that created by Hypercube Ventures for financing of prospective startups and the best in their field projects. The token is diversified by the Hypercube Ventures projects pool, which are already ready for launch. Value of the token is tied to the starting price of these projects. They have real business model and passed a qualitative Due Diligence, which is held by fund experts. The market value of projects grows as they launch and develop, and the cost of VNN increases accordingly. This ensures a steady and multiple growth of profit from all investments in represented projects.

The issuing of the Ventureon tokens is a crowdinvesting form of attracting resources for financing the business projects of fund. All investments in Hypercube projects are insured. Every direct investment in the projects of the fund in volume up to $25.000 (equivalent of value in crypto-currencies) will be insured by First Venture Insurance if customer wish. In the case of failure of the financed project your investment will be compensated by 100%.
You can exit any project and fix your profit by selling your share in the internal auction.

Company: Iconiq Lab

Contact Name: Arabdha

Contact Email: arabdha.sudhir@iconiqlab.com

Contact Phone: 34671772566

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