Chinese success story: in 2017, international markets will bring in half of a billion dollars to Chi

From: admitad
Published: Thu Oct 05 2017

For an ordinary person and a final buyer, the global market means the opportunity to purchase what they need in any country at a targeted price. But for business, it is a new source of profit when people who buy their products and services live anywhere. Chinese business and, first of all, Chinese e-commerce is developing on a global scale. Its trading platforms are known all over the world and in fact have become common nouns: Aliexpress, GearBest, SheIN and many others.

No matter whether a business carries on trade in the country of its physical presence or in any other country in the world, the sale must be driven and the product must be promoted. We do not just think, but we strongly feel that CPA is one of the most efficient ways to promote products and increase sales.

We at Admitad have calculated the amount attracted to Chinese business by sale in foreign markets through the affiliate program in Admitad. The sum comes up to USD 310 million within nine months in 2017. This is the total amount including more than 70 Chinese e-shops which place their offers through Admitad

The most important thing is that the end of the year – a holiday season in all the countries of the Golden Billion – has not yet come, however Chinese e-commerce had already obtained one third of a billion dollars from sales with CPA in Admitad. In the remaining three months of 2017, we are planning to attract sales for at least 200 million dollars, but things will become clear on December, 31. Certainly, we will let you know about our results.

Alexander Bahmann, Admitad CEO:

One of the vectors that we have chosen for Admitad’s development is really ambitious. We want our company and the instruments we have created to become a hub, an access point where Chinese e-shops could attract buyers from all over the world. What is more, with the CPA payment model which is transparent, demonstrative, scalable, projected – there are a lot of advantages. On the other hand, we see that many European and American products are in demand in China. For this purpose, we have established an office in China in order to help non-Chinese global e-commerce to enter the Chinese market and find core solvent audience there. It is important to us to combine these courses: to help business to sell, and buyers to purchase desirable products.

Indeed, the world and business are becoming global and Admitad, being a global company, does its best to cooperate in that effort.
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