TerraCure Launches Website Promoting Natural Healing Creams

From: Terra Cure
Published: Fri Oct 06 2017

ModiinIlit, Israel – Shalfey Teva Ltd., producer of TerraCure creams,announced today the launch of its new website, where customers can learn about their creams formulated from all-natural ingredients to address the wide range of aches and pains created by modern life.
TerraCure’sproducts for back pain, herniated discs, muscle, joint and tendon pain are based on a powerful synergy between Dead Sea Minerals and essential oils.Eachcream – Blue Balm, Orange Ointment and Red Rub –significantly reducesvarious type of pain while helping the body heal itself. The company’s founding principle is that using a cream rather than a pill allows for maximum absorption of only the specific components the body needs – at the exact location where they can help most.
According to CEO Dena Gottlieb, the company began when her husband and partner, Elazar, suffered a slipped disc and torn shoulder tendons that yielded chronic pain. "We did not want to consider surgery and all its implications, and a never-ending pile of pills we simply had to ‘trust’ did not appeal to us either," she explained. "We began experimenting with oils, creams and herbs, and over time discovered a number of blends that showed real results… the pain was greatly reduced, and my husband got his life back; he was able to sleep well at night and function during the day."
Working with professional formulators and biochemists, the couple experimented further, settling finally on three products to treat symptoms like inflammation, joint pain, skin problems, pulled muscles or tendons, and chest maladies like bronchitis or cough.
Response thus far has been extremely positive, with daily anecdotes and notes of thanks from customers who had, until usingTerraCure creams, simply accepted their pain or discomfort. Today, they are seeing dramatic reductions in both.
"People have been coming to the Dead Sea for tangible, documented healing for centuries," adds Gottlieb. "Today, once you’ve got TerraCure, you no longer need to trek down to the Dead Sea; you’ve got the most concentrated mineral source known to man in the palm of your hand. And when combined with powerful essential oils, it represents a unique, natural way to reduce pain and let you focus on the good things in life."
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