Android App Launch - Instacharge: Fast Charging, Power Saver, Battery Alert, Task Killer, CPU cooler

From: Mobiman
Published: Sat Oct 07 2017

Mobiman announce the launch of its new multi utility super-fast charger, power saver, task killer, CPU cooler, battery info provider Android app "Instacharge" to help users do quickly charge their phone in less than 60 minutes, kill unwanted tasks that are slowing down phone memory and close all background running apps consuming battery in one tap.
The app also allows users to manage all device functions and optimize them to save power and boost battery performance for entire day.
The app is backed with latest instacharge hyper 3X ultra-fast charging technology which completes the charging in 60-90 minutes. The app’s 3X level technology provides the best fast charge, full charge and trickle charge functionality in single app. As a result, user’s mobile phone will get ultra-fast charging with fast charge up to 70%, followed by full charge with super-fast charging and then automatically reduction of power usage of mobile phone charger for trickle charging and auto cut off of power once charging is completed. This functionality helps mobile phone from getting over heated and significantly increases the battery life.
According recent surveys it is discovered that users tend to carry heavy power banks along with the mobile phone resulting in excess product to manage mobile phone’s battery for entire day. Based on scientific research it is evident that one should not overcharge phone battery multiple times in short period as it reduces the battery life. It is more advisable to rather manage phone battery by intelligently using the correct algorithms. Understanding this requirement, we have included 3X preset (sleep, saving mode) and custom energy saving modes backed by new automatic power savings which helps in superior energy saving and increased battery life for entire day.
Our ultra-advance battery monitor info system provides the battery life into useful and normal usable definitions like stand by time, phone call and SMS, internet surfing, online shopping, listening to music, watching videos or playing games which allows users to plan the activities for mobile phone usage more efficiently. It also provides battery calibration info such as battery health, current battery level, temperature, voltage, technology and status.
The app’s CPU monitor system gives power optimization recommendations by quickly screening mobile phone and shows power and memory consuming apps running in background and allows closing all of them in one tap. It further provide multiple power saving options like managing data, wifi, Bluetooth, switch to silent / sleep mode, screen time turn off and much more.
The app is efficiently designed to provide crucial battery information including battery level, charging status, remaining battery, power saving modes on both notification panel and on home page screen on locked device and gives battery alarm when battery is fully charged or at low levels which allows users get details at one place and save power.
Company CEO said that "Mobiman understands the battery draining issue worldwide is currently focusing on providing world class productivity apps which can help users to save more power by efficiently managing battery"

Compare too many other different task killer, power saver, fast charging, battery calibration apps you can now download just app for all your mobile phone battery and performance need. Download the app today and increase your phone performance today!
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