Find a theft vehicle is made ease with GPS tracking system

From: Tracking2u
Published: Mon Oct 09 2017

Today finding a lost smartphone is made easy with the android, in the same way, if we lost something large that we use in our day to day life to get transported from one place to other place say a vehicle, in this case, how would we find it? Yes, there is a solution for this as well. A device or a monitoring system said to be vehicle tracking system would be our first priority other than physical locks, chain pad locks etc., It is used to track a car, bike real-time in maps with support of GPS which pinpoints the location of receiver device and cellular networks to load maps for exact position of vehicle.

If an unauthorized person tries to break the lock and try to bypass start the vehicle, an SMS alert would be sent to the registered mobile number with vehicle’s current location coordinates and a link to track the vehicle on the map by the tracking system. With the received link, finding a stolen vehicle becomes handy using the smartphone with GPS tracking system. The owner from the registered mobile can send an SMS alert to the GPS device installed in the vehicle to turn off the engine ignition until another SMS alert to be received by the device to switch on again. In any view of angle, the vehicle is more secured in the left alone theft world even if it is parked on the roadside.

In countries with a population of India, having two or three vehicles per family, securing it is getting harder alone based on locks and police ratio to handle the lost case is insufficient. To make ourselves secure the vehicles, the vehicle tracking system has changed everything, from viewing the details like how much speed the vehicle is driven, the total number of kilometers traveled on a day, see where it moves on and through which route, all are managed with this GPS fleet management system. Whatever the vehicle may be either a bike or car or truck delivery system or a school bus etc, keeping it safe comes under the radar of vehicle tracking system.
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