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From: Advisory Mandi
Published: Mon Oct 09 2017

Equity market is uncertain, however, investors still tries to find out the opportunity to rise above the uncertainties and gain from in informalities of the market. To rise above the uncertainties, we need proper support and guidance. Advisory Mandi provides that guidance to the retail investor to take advantage of the opportunities prevailing in the market.
Advisory Mandi, India's most trusted Stock Market Advisory marketplace, introduced in the year 2016. In India, stock market is an enigma for the investors, statistics revealed registered stock market investor is less than 5% of the population in most states, the biggest factors is lack of financial capability, knowledge and awareness. Advisory Mandi is an initiative to capture this complexity of the stock market. We believe knowledge is power. The advisory market place module is the apt platform to distinguish the SEBI registered advisors among the unauthorised advisory companies, so that traders and investor will choose a right advisor.
This is a platform where SEBI registered analyst post their specialised advisory services in all three market segment i.e., Equity, Commodity & Currency. The product’s distinctive feature is the live advisory of the analyst their live performance can be judged by the trader and it is an easy way for any naïve investor to choose the kind of analyst. This platform helps in resolving the problem of the advisory industry as a whole. The product stimulates the righteous and skilled advisory. We have very talented analyst which remains unrecognised and not known to the place or region beyond their presence. We help them to reach out to millions of viewers and user’s. It’s a cost effective way to promote their skills and talent. The Advisory market place module will pave the way in achieving their professional goals as the best will be rewarded daily/weekly/ monthly basis on their performance. The stock market often serves as the key indicator of the financial health of a nation, and the is designed to encourage the saving and investment propensity of the masses, at a larger context.
For investors, its cost effective way to gain meaningful and profitable advisory of various segments (Equity, Commodity and Currency) of market under one umbrella. Most importantly, all the calls posted by the advisors are on live market, thus investors get actionable trade. As calls are posted live, users are in a better position to track the performance of the analyst themselves. Our Motto is to build the smart and informed investor and instil faith in them about equity stock market.
The Retail participation in stock market is required to build a robust investment environment which is not affected by the movement of FIIs and global fluctuations. It’s a great platform for knowledge sharing, creating awareness, connecting with the industry players and general masses, and contributes to the nation building. Through this engaging and closely-knit platform, we intend to connect you with talented professionals.
We pledge to increase retail participation the equity market by giving right guidance at the right time from the right source.
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