Accelerate Kids’ Vocabulary Comprehension with K-8 Grade W/CD

From: Vocab Tunes
Published: Mon Oct 09 2017

Vocab Tunes — a distinctive vocabulary building program —introduces a gamut of well-structured products for K-8th grade students. These products consist of educative workbooks and CDs/DVDs, comprising root words recognition to help your little champs learn vocabulary words fast in a music-rich environment.

Check Out These Vocab Tunes’ Products:

Vocab Tunes’ Root Words Grade K-2 CD included:

A strategically designed product K to 2nd Grade Workbook by Vocab Tunes helps in enhancing children’s vocabulary and comprehension skills in a fun-filled manner. This exclusive product comprises a workbook and a CD/DVD, containing root-based music videos to help K-2 grade students understand the significance of root words and improve their vocabulary swiftly. With the help of this product, your child will be able to understand over 60% of English, up to 90% of science terminology and 71% of social studies terminology.

Vocab Tunes’ Root Words Grade 3-5 CD included:

Vocab Tunes’ 3 to 5th Grade Workbook w/CD is an amazing product to enhance your young ones’ lexis in a lively way. With this exceptionally designed product, children get the opportunity to learn 100,000 words in just 21 days while grooving on its 21 fun music videos. It comprises prefix, suffix, and root words derived from Latin and Greek roots, will help your tots recognize the pattern of English vocab words to discover infinite new words.

Vocab Tunes’ Root Words Grade 6-8 CD included:

Vocab Tunes brings to you an exclusive product 6 to 8th Grade Workbook w/CD to boost budding minds’ vocab graph. It also consists of a workbook, a CD, and a DVD. Different root-based songs in the CD and DVD will surely help your child to build familiarity with thousands of English words. Make this w/CD your tots’ new learning tool for their vocabulary development strategies and help them improve their English scores speedily.

About Vocab Tunes:
Founded in 2010, Vocab Tunes is an online English learning platform to help young brains expand their vocabulary in a musical way. An advocate for educational reformer in Michigan, Manisha Shelly Kaura along with her father Dr. S.R. Kaura, initiated this program to make learning process an easy and fun activity for the little ones.


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