Solar Water Heating System for Switch to Green Energy

From: Mas Solar Systems Private Limited
Published: Tue Oct 10 2017

Solar energy used for many home appliances, particularly very useful in water heating appliances.

Solar water heaters are used to heat the water by using sun's thermal energy. Solar water heating system consists of hot water storage tank, collector / tube and solar water stand. The most familiar types of solar water heater are Evacuated tube collector and Flat plate tube collector.

The Flat plate collector water heating system Collector & tank insulated with glass wool/ rock wool absorbs moisture & gets wet during monsoons reducing the efficiency of the system. This requires a higher system sizing, to get the desired result.

The technology and design of an evacuated tube collector, heat pipe tube provides advantages to the direct flow type of faster, easier installation and lower lifetime maintenance. This type solar system, in locations with average availability of solar energy over-sizing of the system glass tube collectors is not required. Both the evacuated and Flat plate systems are maintenance free and zero running cost.
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