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Published: Wed Oct 11 2017

"Do you want to learn how to make money online?" This particular line stimulated the rising success of a Search Engine Optimization company. The most surprising thing about this SEO business is that it is owned by a very young but brilliant and diligent entrepreneur in the person of Justin Covas.

Before the birth of Search Shark, the SEO company Justin established, he grew up with a single mother. Growing up, he realized that he must become the man of the house. Instead of wasting his time for nonsense things, he used his expertise in repairing computers. He started posting up ads for computer repairs on the community boards until a man approached him and asked that rhetorical question about making money online. That man became his mentor and taught him the aspects of the online world.

After his mentor left, Justin promised his self not to put that man’s effort to waste. He started his own business. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car in 2013 but that didn’t stop him to continue his dream. He used the money from his settlement to develop the branding and marketing materials of the award-winning SEO company named Search Shark.

Justin started Search Shark with absolutely nothing. He had no stable office and only meets clients across the building he stays in. Then potential clients contacted him to start doing business with him. He was favored by the odds and was chosen to enroll in a government-funded program called BizStart that aims to help youth start their own business where he received funding and training from mentors who taught him skills and lessons to succeed. He was also selected as one of the Top 20 Youth Entrepreneurs by BizStart Program for "Search Shark".

With the skills and fund he acquired to generate his first sales, he gradually went up to the corporate world: from getting his first suit, taking the bus, and finally establishing his own office in Mississauga in Canada. At a very young age, he has worked with some of the industry’s best companies who trusted him to outsmart and outrank their competitors.

But like all other business owners, there are hindrances that test your stability. Justin’s age is often an obstacle in his career. Since his business is B2B (business to business), a lot of older business owners walk into his office. However, seeing someone young who runs Search Shark, his authenticity and abilities are undoubtedly questioned.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop Search Shark’s mission to empower entrepreneurs through digital and mobile marketing by building their online presence and in turn, connecting them with potential clients. Justin wants Search Shark to be Mississauga’s leading agency in Mobile Technology and software development. He visions that in the next 3 to 5 years, Search Shark will pave the way for the new generation of business owners and ultimately, leading the way in digital and mobile marketing by providing intimate custom software solutions to help automate business functions and makes business management easier as technology progresses.
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