GoAsiaDayTrip has launched Vietnam Free Tours program

From: GoAsiaDayTrip
Published: Fri Oct 13 2017

GoAsiaDayTrip has just officially launched Vietnam Free Tours, a free-of-charge travelling program, with the aim to bring the beauty of a long-lasting culture, bravery history and the friendliness of Vietnam to visitors from all over the world. At the same time, the purpose of this program is also to promote communication and culture exchange between tourists and Vietnamese students, making the basis for the development of tourism industry and the development of Vietnamese youth.
For this program, the tours are private and the guides are local. However, the fee is totally free because the tour-guides provided here are students or ex-students who are eager to learn, to make friends and to get to know more about people from other countries. Although the guides are just students, they are qualified enough because all of them are strictly-selected, well-trained and experienced in guiding tours. By sponsoring the guiding fee of this program, GoAsiaDayTrip also hopes that, from the little money supported by GoAsiaDayTrip for each tour, the students can have something more to invest in their study expenses which are increasingly high now.
At the moment, GoAsiaDayTrip could sponsor tourists with English-speaking guides so anyone who is able to use English can experience its service. As long as the tourists are interested in Vietnam, GoAsiaDayTrip is available to guide you around. Moreover, the booking system is professional and time-saving. The tour options are abundant with unique itineraries. One of the special things about this tour is that the tourists can customize their own itinerary so that it could fit with their own time and schedule.
For the time being, Vietnam Free Tours is first launched in Hanoi from 21/08/2017 with highlights such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Complex, West Lake, Hoa Lo Prison, Museum of Ethnology, etc. Apart from those, the tour options also include tours to handicraft or ancient villages where tourists can experience the true Vietnamese lifestyle, make their own handicraft products or buy something with nice prices such as in Bat Trang Village or Duong Lam Village. Because the tour guides are local, tourists can ask them to recommend for whatever they want such as where to learn cooking in Hanoi, where to sit and have the best beer or where are off-tourist sites. Tourists maybe surprised as the guides will bring about not only knowledge about places but also the stories behind them and they will also show tourists hidden things or places they may not notice without being accompanied by a local.
Although free tours are not anything new in Hanoi but there have not been any organizations holding free tours in the whole Vietnam. "We believe that with the professional operation system and well-trained tour-guides, Vietnam Free Tours can bring about the full Vietnam experience to tourists from all over the world. With the help from friendly students, it will be more than a tour; it is something missing if you don’t try. (Mr. Andy, CEO of Goasiadaytrip).
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