For Ireland’s Future We Need A Reformed And Effective EU – Minister Tony Killeen

From: Dunphy Public Relations/Tony Killeen
Published: Mon Jun 09 2008

"It is now only a matter of days to polling in a referendum that will make a huge difference to the direction of our country. I believe that the only way that our country can grow, prosper and provide opportunities for our people is to be at the heart of the European Union", the Junior Agriculture Minister commented.

He added, "I know that many people are confused about what is involved in the Lisbon Reform Treaty. Part of this is because they are hearing claim and counter-claim from both sides. A lot of this has been a deliberate tactic by groups like Youth Defence, Sinn Fein and Libertas which are making claims that have zero basis in fact. For example, they claimed that the Treaty undermined our tax policies even though every independent body which has examined this has said exactly the opposite."

Minister of State Killeen said he would be voting Yes because he believed that the Treaty would help Ireland and Europe in important ways.

"People have asked me about specific benefits, so here is my top ten. I am giving the exact details of where in the Treaty you’ll find the items just in case people want to look it up for themselves:

· It secures Ireland as a centre for Foreign Investment and Job Creation and retains our Tax Veto. (Article 93 & 113)
· It allows the EU work for us in ensuring vital Energy Supplies in the years ahead. (Article 194)
· It provides the strongest ever protection for our Neutrality. (Article 11 & 28)
· It provides the greater EU involvement in UN-sanctioned peacekeeping in line with Ireland’s tradition. (Article 28)
· It introduces a new Charter of Rights to promote the interests of all citizens such as ensuring a high level of employment, education and social protection. (Article 2 &6)
· It ensures that the Irish people alone will decide on laws to protect the unborn. (Maastricht Protocol and Article 6)
· It gives Ireland and small countries full equality in the European Commission with even the largest countries like Germany and Britain. (Article 244)
· It increases Your Say in Decisions by expanding the role of democratically elected parliaments (Article 8C) including giving the European Parliament an extra role in 40 new policy areas (Article 233)
· It allows police forces to work together against Cross Border Crime, like drug and people trafficking. (Article 77)
· It introduces a Citizens’ Initiative which gives you the right to help set the agenda of the EU. (Article 8B)."

"For jobs, growth and Ireland’s future I am voting Yes on Thursday", Minister Killeen concluded.


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