Increasing popularity of Ayurveda study in India for foreign students

The main reason why Ayurveda practice is popular in the world is its effectiveness. Health-conscious people are knowing this healing system and embracing in daily lifestyle.

[ClickPress, Sat Oct 14 2017] The main reason why Ayurveda practice is popular in the world is its effectiveness. Health-conscious people are knowing this healing system and embracing in daily lifestyle. This ancient healing system focuses on maintaining a balance of chemicals in the body. It is possible when an ethical lifestyle is followed consisting of proper nutrition, exercise, and natural therapies. That’s why the Ayurveda treatment procedures include of massage therapies, yoga, meditation, and herbal medicines. Treatments of Ayurveda is effective, natural and devoid of any side effect as observed in other medical systems.

India is the place where the natural healing system was originated centuries ago. Acceptance and recognition of the Ayurveda are increasing rapidly across the globe, especially in western countries. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised Ayurveda as the best alternative medicinal system.

The curiosity about the natural healthcare system is bringing more students from foreign countries. Health enthusiasts want to learn the healing system to prevent, cure, and heal the body completely. With this treatment, patients can experience a complete wellbeing – spirit, mind, and body. Whereas, allopathy medicines aim at delivering temporary relief to pain or other problems.

Medical tourism is increasing at a rapid rate in the world. India is receiving thousands of patients from different countries for Ayurveda treatments. Apart from that, curious students are coming to the states of India to learn the ancient healing system.

Ayurveda comes from the Health Ministry of India, and steps are taken to propagate the right education in this field. Students can enrol in short-term courses, bachelor of Ayurveda, and even Masters in the institutions. Training curriculums are advanced and contain training on the live projects to develop skills in the workshops.

“I have chosen to study Ayurveda in India because of two chief reasons. First, to learn Ayurveda and healing methods in original form from the expert practitioners. Second, grab the growing opportunities coming in the traditional healthcare industry around the globe” said Mathew, a student from the UK.

Yoga, meditation, massage and herbal medicines are an integral part of India. Every part is essential and can be studied separately by aspirants. Yoga and massage have become the most popular subjects among the health enthusiasts worldwide. The demand for yoga teachers is skyrocketing since the observation of Yoga Day at UN. Requests of sending yoga teachers are increasing from different countries these days. It is excellent news for students learning yoga as their future career.

Similarly, the demand for skilled massage therapists is too high in the market. Ayurveda massage is being used in a modern medical system for rehabilitation, treatment and healing the body. Rigorous training is necessary to develop massaging skills with feet and hands.
Students completing courses get certification from the institutions. It helps in finding employment in leading Ayurvedic hospitals, nursing homes clinics, schools and yoga centres. Many big MNCs and firms are there in the market where students after acquiring the required skills can look for job opportunities.

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