How To Let Your Creative Instinct Take Control Of Your Life For A Day?

From: Creative Life Lab
Published: Sat Oct 14 2017

Just like every other day of our life that is not the same, two human minds and their agility cannot be similar. Sometimes our brain is pretty open to new ideas and creative instincts, while there are days when we fail to understand even the simplest of facts around us. However, a simple solution to this problem is to let your creative take control of your time at least once in a while. There are many who struggle with the concept and give into their creative side. The same problem exists with designers and artists too. So, here are a few things they can do:

1. The first thing that you need to do is lower down your expectations. Always try to create new things without any high expectations about the final outcome. When you just create passion, the final outcome something absolutely stunning.
2. Whatever you do, just make it a point to practice every single day. When you practice the same thing again and again, it will keep your basics liquid in your everyday habits.
3. Reading is another specific thing that you can do. The more you read the more it opens up your mind to new ideas, better concepts, and what you need to observe from your surroundings. So, make it a point to read for half an hour everyday before you go to bed.
4. An idea can pop up in your brain any day anytime. So, as soon as the idea pops in your mind, you must make a note of it. It may be of great use someday and day.
5. Next, you need to listen to every small sound around you. Most sound frequencies have a very positive impact on our brain and enhance our brain’s performance and creativity. Practice it for sometime and you will see the difference in your thinking and performance.
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