Image Wizards Features High-Quality Aluminum Metal Prints

From: Image Wizards
Published: Sun Oct 15 2017

Image Wizards announced that the company has combined art and science to create unique, aluminum metal prints from ordinary digital photos. Regarding aluminum metal prints, the Aluminarte collectible metal artwork is an expert reproduction that captures the vibrant colors of any photo and offers a lasting memory of life's special moments.

Image Wizards makes it possible for anyone to own a collectible piece of artwork. The company's founder is the inventor of the process whereby photo images can be reproduced on aluminum. Highly durable, aluminum metal prints provide superb image quality that won't fade or degrade over time like paper images and fingerprints can be wiped away with ease.

The company's metal prints are works of fine art comparable to those found in galleries. Image Wizards utilizes a state-of-the-art process using specialized inks, combined with just the right combination of heat, time and pressure for unequaled consistency and reproductive excellence.

Image Wizards offers multiple sizes and finishes to accommodate any need, from home décor to trade shows, and the metal artwork is available in sizes of 16x20 up to 48x96-inches. Metal artwork can be obtained with a white aluminum base in white ultra-gloss or white semi-gloss for depth and true while colors within the artwork. With lightly-brushed aluminum, choose ultra-gloss for high reflectivity and images that appear to leap from the metal, or a matte finish that's less reflective.

Collectible works of art are to be protected and cherished. Clients have the option of receiving their artwork unframed or framed and can choose from one of the studio's many framing options. Frames are offered that match any décor, from frosted silver and gray pewter to satin black. Floating frames are also offered.

The aluminum metal prints created by Image Wizard provide art lovers with the ability to own a truly unique work of Aluminarte that will be cherished forever. The enduring artwork will become a treasured piece that will withstand the ravages of time and can be enjoyed by generations to come.

About Image Wizards

Metal prints on aluminum were invented by Roger Laudy in 2003. The company has over 40 years of product development behind its imaging technology. The award-winning, custom engineered equipment is unrivaled in its ability to render life-like images directly into the aluminum finish. Image Wizards is an environmentally-friendly company that strives to leave the smallest carbon footprint in all of its processes and it's the first photographic imaging choice that's environmentally green.

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