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From: Emissions Registry
Published: Mon Oct 16 2017

Emissions Registry is on a global mission to reduce the global emissions, promote sustainable development and minimize the climate change across the planet. Our goal is to reduce the global carbon footprint by 55,00,000 by 2020 and this noble goal has empowered us to start a strategic partnership with MyClimate. With this partnership, we will help the organizations across the world in measuring and reducing their carbon footprint, which will enable them in reducing their impact on the constantly changing global climate. It doesn’t matter whether an organization belongs to automobile industry, retail, manufacturing, electronics or even software – all the companies have their share of carbon footprint which impacts the planet and its fragile climate. Our goal is to enable them in offsetting their impact on the environment. These organizations can partner with our flagship CHARCO (Charity Carbon Offset) program under which they will sponsor a charity carbon offset project in a developing nation.
Our program will help the organizations in creating better transparency about their impact on the environment. We provide the information pertaining to carbon footprint of an organization on our public platform which can be accessed by one and all along with list of positive initiatives company is taking to offset the impact of their current footprint. Joining hands with this initiative will have direct impact on the organization's image among their present as well as future investors, customers and employees.
Emissions Registry provides annual membership to all the partner organizations. This membership offers host of benefits to the partners. To start with, it provides them full fledged access to our online sustainability tool where they can provide all the details about their own carbon footprint. Our members also get the opportunity to becoming sponsors for our ongoing initiatives as well as third party CHARCO programs worldwide. Our logo will also be present on their website, social media channels and marketing material which will highlight their status as a company which cares about the environment. Partnering with us will also earn them Emissions Registry Goal 2020 contributor status which will be very useful for their CSR initiatives. These incentives help our partner companies in creating more awareness about the climate change and also be seen as a champion of the cause.
For more information about our CHARCO program, enrolment, membership and sponsorships, please contact us at:
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