EpiMist – For Asthma OTC, Trade Mark Challenge And Launch Projection

From: Dr Natural Healing
Published: Tue Oct 17 2017

DrNaturalHealing Inc. announced today that due to the trademark registration, the company has been experiencing challenges in the national sales launch of "EpiMist" – an asthma OTC drug. A big drug maker opposed the use of EpiMist as the product trademark, specifically the use of "Epi" part of the "EpiMist" name after US Trademark Officer conditionally approved EpiMist as a trademark to DrNaturalHealing in June 2017.

"This trademark challenge has been the major cause of delaying EpiMist product launch." stated by James Liu MD, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of DrNaturalHealing. "Our printed packages for launching national sales of EpiMist are at big risk for use – as seriously threatened by the big pharma."

Although the company is unable to comment on the specifics of this trademark case, it is noted that the opposition is from the big drug maker who is in the food allergy market with its product name starting with "Epi".

While the company is unable to predict when the trademark dispute will be ended, the company is undertaking all necessary actions to protect its unique trademark, and determine if "EpiMist" trademark for Asthma OTC will be used, so that the company can initiate the product launch activities and pave the way for a successful product launch to meet millions of asthma patients’ need for the having an OTC option.

James Liu MD, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of DrNaturalHealing, expressed, "While we are very disappointed in the actions taken by the opposing party, we remain optimistic and believe in the evaluation and decision of the US Patent and Trademark Office. As a small pharmaceutical company, we do not have the same magnitude of legal resource compared to the opposing big drug maker, we remain confident in winning this fight as our trademark is very unique. We are proud of our business practice principles, our technology, and continue to execute on our mission of developing and manufacturing life-quality improving OTC drugs for the benefit of millions of asthma patients who rely on the OTC drugs. Despite what we are experiencing now, we remain excited to plan for a safe, effective, and affordable EpiMist launch, for all those that suffer from asthma and have to live with asthma every day."

EpiMist is a simple aerosol drug, an over-the-counter (OTC) asthma remedy. EpiMist, an FDA registered and FDA compliant Asthma OTC Medicine, is completely propellant-free and includes an easy-to-use, no maintenance or battery required, advanced hand-held rubber bulb nebulizer and specially formulated using a long-time tested OTC asthma ingredient epinephrine, the same active ingredient as used for asthma OTC products more than 50 years. EpiMist, a bronchodilator, accurately delivers epinephrine in aerosol mist form, hence the name EpiMist, to allow fast relieving asthma symptoms by simply load, squeeze, and breathe 3 steps.

About DrNaturalHealing, Inc.: DrNaturalHealing, Inc. is a Milford Delaware-based minority-owned small business. The company tries its best in making medicines affordable and available to the patients through innovation. It is through the advancements of making medicines safe, effective, and more affordable, DrNaturalHealing strives to contribute to the life quality of the asthma patients.

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