New RPG Boardgame "The Cheap Chapel" can be played at SPIEL Essen

From: Mobile Game Design
Published: Tue Oct 17 2017

At SPIEL Essen 2017 you can play The Cheap Chapel with the Designer.
The Cheap Chapel is the latest game by game designer Torsten Dinkheller.
It is a fully cooperative role-playing board game for one to six players.

You can play the game at the SPIEL in Essen, Germany, before it goes live on Kickstarter at the beginning of next year.

Hall: 8
Booth: C148

About The Cheap Chapel:
Build your unique character and make strategic decisions with your group to overcome a variety of monsters from dozens of scenarios.
Optimize your character’s attributes as you level up and work together with your group to fight battles of increasing difficulty.
See your character grow after each fight by learning new skills and increasing attributes. Choose to specialize and grow more powerful in certain attributes, or expand your versatility with a greater variety of skills.
Designed by a role-player for role-players,this board game offers steadily-building character development and a variety of attributes including: strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom and charisma.
Likewise, the available classes --Paladin, Mage, Priest, Thief and Ranger-- include 20 skills as well as 6 companions who can be hired for each of the quests.

About SPIEL Essen:
International SPIEL, called the Essen Game Fair, is an annual four-day boardgame trade fair which is also the biggest European boardgame event.
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