Hack2Secure Announces Application Security Certification Challenge Program

From: Hack2Secure
Published: Wed Oct 18 2017

Hack2Secure, a leading vendor independent certification provider always engaging themselves in introducing innovative ideas in the information security training and certifications. A new program called Application Security Cert Challenge Program, is the recent leading edge from the H2S. The program provides a new path to enhance the knowledge of the application security testing. It also paves a way to stand unique among the other security certified professionals by allowing you to test your knowledge on secure development and testing in both basic and enhanced levels.

Application Security Cert Challenge Program includes the self-paced online sessions to explore the application security testing and the exam voucher for the WASD and ASTE certifications, with six months validity. Participants who complete these certifications successfully before 30th December are eligible to receive the rewards of the challenge program.

Details Of Challenge Program Rewards:

If passed WASD Certification and ASTE Certification before 30th December:
Earn WASD & ASTE Certificates + Exclusive REWARDs based on Exam Score + Complimentary Access to Secure SDLC Program (Self-Paced Sessions + SWADLP Cert Attempt Voucher).

If passed WASD Certification or ASTE Certification before 30th December:
Earn WASD Certificate (if passed WASD) or Completed Earn ASTE Certificate (if passed ASTE) + Exclusive REWARDs based on Exam Score + Complimentary Access to Secure SDLC Self-Paced Sessions.

Program Details:

1.Last Date to Register for Challenge Exam: 30th October 2017
2.Last Date to Take Challenge Cert Exams: 30th December 2017
3.Cost of Web Security Challenge Program: USD 500

Benefits Of The Program:

1.Earning series of certification will offer professional credibility.
2.Demonstrate as the subject matter expert.
3.Allows to evaluate the skills and knowledge on the security controls.

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WASD (Web Application Security Defender)
ASTE (Application Security Testing Experts)
SWADLP (Secure Web Application Development Lifecycle Practitioner)
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