Aligned Assets and 118 Information help NFSP Fire & Rescue Services in the South West improve their

From: 118 Information
Published: Wed Oct 18 2017

118 Information, owners of the UK’s most accurate and comprehensive list of businesses actively trading in the UK, alongside address management specialists, Aligned Assets, are excited to announce that they will be helping Network Fire Control Services to better protect business in their area.

The Network Fire Services Partnership (A collaborative partnership between Devon & Somerset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Services), have increased the safety or business in their region by integrating business details supplied by Aligned Assets and 118 Information. With integral 118 Information data embedded into the gazetteer management system supplied by Aligned Assets, and the Vision Command Control system supplied by Capita, Aligned Assets can assist fire and rescues services, especially when business addresses within an area constantly change.

New start-ups, businesses moving, changing name or closing, creates a constant headache for the Fire Service, as these address changes are often not recorded in a timely fashion with the local authority or Royal Mail. This means an emergency call out to a business address can lead to delay and confusion if the new address isn't accessible to the Fire Services Command and Control System used to deploy response vehicles to an incident. It is easy to imagine the possible consequences of a delay.

The Network Fire Services Partnership (NFSP) have worked with Aligned Assets and 118 Information to minimise the occurrence of these "missing" addresses.

118 Information is the UK’s leading provider of business listing information. They have the most up to date and accurate database of businesses and their addresses across the UK. The quality of this data is maintained by constant verification through direct contact with businesses.

Aligned Assets have used this data to fill in the "gaps" within the Fire Services existing list of addresses called AddressBase provided by the Ordnance Survey. This extra information is fed into the Fire Services Vision Command and Control system provided by Capita.

This simple but innovative use of data and expertise from different sectors has led to an extra 45,000 business addresses being available to the Fire Services for emergency response. Leading to greater safety and security for businesses across the south west of the UK.


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About 118 Information

118 Information is part of the 118 Group which also includes Market Location. 118 Information is a business focused on B2B data – the collection, maintenance, updating, storage and distribution. Widely regarded as the primary source of B2B data in the UK the 118 Information database supports a range of key B2B data driven services including major online search engines, online directories and 97% of the voice directory enquiries market.

Based in Sutton Coldfield, they have their own in-house call employing around 70 staff, where the database is cleaned and confirmed via telephone within a 12-month cycle – more frequently than any other UK Business Database. 118 Information clients have bespoke license agreements to match their data requirements. The data is used for a range of resale purposes - from marketing, mapping and location services, address management app content and online listings.

Market Location is a well-known and respected brand in the B2B marketing data space. Market Location is a B2B data provider specialising in tailoring data for direct marketing and data management solutions designed to combat database challenges faced by most businesses.

Aligned Assets

Aligned Assets are the leading provider in address management solutions and augmented reality technology, helping organisations consume, share, integrate and match address data. Their innovative solutions provide accuracy and efficiency to local authorities, emergency services and other organisations that use address data.

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