SimplifyVMSís Workforce Management Solutions Increasing Global Agility

From: SimplifyVMS
Published: Thu Oct 19 2017

Sophisticated tools from the software company all set to enhance human resource management
New Jersey, 16th Oct, 2017: Today SimplifyVMS, the leading workforce management solution provider in New Jersey, announced that they have come up with another cloud-based workforce management solution compatible with all smart gadgets.
When asked for comments, a spokesperson from the company said, "This is not the first time we are launching scheduling software. We have integrated our solution with the existing system for a big company with a chain of restaurants, a few medium sized hospitals, call centers, manufacturing units and many small businesses located in New Jersey."
He further added that the technical staff always offers assistance whenever there is a need. "We have dedicated employees to train organizations adopt the new system quickly and easily," he said.
Seems like SimplifyVMS is in full swing and are staffing up to meet the increasing demand of automated business processes. With every new project they are unearthing new features and technology with an interface that helps companies to centralize resource usage data and better forecast future deployment.
Idea behind the invention
We also contacted the CTO of the company to know what motivates the team to come up with such user-friendly staffing solutions that offer real time market rates, risk elimination while using contingent workforce, forecast employee demands and develop workforce contingency plans, manage employee schedules, leave requests and PTO, attendance tracking and more.
The CTO replied, "Our HR team could give a better reply to this. What keeps you tensed as an HR manager? Is it the pressure to lower down operational costs, but not at the cost of productivity? Is it catering to the needs of your executives for a better and greater contribution to the strategic vision of the company? Or is it the daunting combination of both?
He stated further, "The companies that still think spreadsheets and calculators are enough to manage their operations, probably they havenít interacted with their HR yet."
Some of its clients are happy to integrate the new software with their existing system, but a few companies are finding a little hard to adapt to the change. To this the CTO said, "We donít say itís a cake walk, especially when it involves enabling every employee to adapt to workforce management software. Probably, a manufacturing unit will struggle the most considering its large number of contingent grass-root level workers." He also assures that there is no need to panic. The company can be called anytime for any kind of assistance and those who face difficulties can also get training from SimplifyVMS on request.
We asked one of its clients to review the software that is currently being used. The client, HR head, says the software perfectly streamline core HR processes that eliminates waste of time and resources. The features are many like labor forecasting, shift scheduling, time and attendance tracking, mobile shift scheduling, workforce analysis, integration APIs, user, role and access management, succession planning, mobile user support and much more. The best part is, being cloud-based it eliminates the chances of any data loss or server overload.
When it comes to the security checks, SimplifyVMS takes care of this pretty well; at least this is what their clients say. They havenít faced any security issues as the software firm offers the most secured cloud computing environments.
Based on Simplify VMSís customer experiences, it can be predicted that nearly 30 to 60 percent of HR administrative expenses can be cut down by relying on cloud solutions.
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